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Usual price

SKS client intro rate


SKS Bespoke (for direct sales and marketing)

Bespoke e-campaign, any regions globally, any demographic, for direct response, transparent for agencies, or under client branding.

Includes: SKS databases e-shots (c 7M global, high net worth), optional wholesale opted in email list (clients to keep), social campaigns, follow ups & optional closing. Includes 'Intellipost'.

Instant sales generator!

Fully trackable.


for Level 1

300k email e-shot

100hr social media booster

1 offer/competition

Repost roster 2 months


Business Magazine


archeZone , North America, quarterly e-magazine distributed to 100,000 architects and interior designers in NA.

From Technical Library Services (Tech-LS), owners of one of the largest architect and interior designer databases in the world.

£950.00 per A4 page

Example edition 


Smaller ad sizes available pro-rata

High Net Worth

Millionaire Lifestyle Magazine, annual. 25,000 copies, readership AB1, new millionaires, c. 200,000, backed at niche millionaire website. Year round coverage

£3500.00 per A4 page


Example edition | Media kit



Includes online entry (annual)

Smaller ad sizes available pro-rata


The Brand Magazine London. Annual, iPAD and select hard copies, readership AB1, top 5% brands, top 5% AB1 readership. By invitation only. Online media vehicle included.






Other items – Video services

Available transparently for agencies, includes seeding

Full works training video 30 mins

Full works viral video 3-4 mins

Full works corporate video 10 mins

£20,000.00 each









Other items – Database shots

Tech-LS owns and carefully maintains one of the largest architect and interior design databases in the world.

Managed email campaigns to this database are possible.

£20,000.00 for 150k records


Response handling & forwarding included






Other items – Database Consultant

Clerisy Computing provides blue chip database solutions without the blue chip price tag.

Handles project work, but also has consultant timeblocks available available for purchase for you to use at your own pace, UK based.

Applicable to all commercially available database systems and gives you an expert on-hand immediately.



50 hour consultant timeblock











** Further discounts may be available for regular appearances/partnerships. Smaller hard copy ad sizes are also available. Please ask.

Should you wish to know more about these exciting opportunities, or other titles and services not listed here, please do let us know and we’ll be delighted to be in touch by return.


New Business Team @ SKS Media London

T: +44 (0) 203 287 1270 ddi, or contact your SKS Media country representative

E: introductions@sksmedia.co.uk



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